What is MyAtoms?

"My Atoms" is a tool that helps you capture and organize your thoughts, streamline your knowledge, and build your knowledge capital. It is inspired by the way our bodies are made up of atoms, and the many atomic thoughts that make up our minds.

What is the core concepts of MyAtoms?


An atom is a small piece of knowledge or idea that can come from a variety of sources, such as books, web pages, or just your own brain.

When you read a book and highlight a sentence, that is an atom.

When an inspiring idea pops into your head and you write it down, that is also an atom.


We learn from a variety of sources, such as books and web pages.

When you gain an insight or understanding from a book or web page, that source becomes a valuable part of your knowledge capital.

"My Atoms" helps you organize and keep track of the sources of your knowledge, so that you can easily access and use that knowledge in the future.


We use a variety of tools to manage and organize our knowledge, such as a Kindle for reading books, a web browser for reading web pages, and Twitter for reading other people's thoughts.

"My Atoms" can help you sync all of these atoms of knowledge into one place, creating streams of knowledge that you can easily access and use. When your knowledge starts to flow like a stream, you truly own it and are able to make the most of it.

How to use MyAtoms?

You can easily integrate it into your existing reading and writing workflow. It is lightweight and transparent, so you can continue to use your preferred tools and methods for reading and highlighting text.

For example, you can read a book on your Kindle and make highlights and notes as usual. With the "Kindle to MyAtoms" stream, your highlights and notes will automatically sync to "MyAtoms" so that you can access them later.

Similarly, when you read articles on Medium and make highlights, the "Medium to MyAtoms" stream will automatically sync those highlights to "MyAtoms".

If you come across an interesting piece of text on any web page, you can save it to "MyAtoms" by simply selecting the text and right-clicking to select "Save to MyAtoms". This will add the text to your "MyAtoms" collection.

You can also use the "MyAtoms" web app to create atomic essays, where you can record your thoughts and ideas in a way that is similar to a pocket notebook.

Additionally, the "Note Anywhere" browser extension allows you to make notes on any web page and have them automatically sync to "MyAtoms".

The aim is to making it easy to capture and organize your thoughts and ideas no matter where you are or what you are doing.

How to sync Kindle highlights and notes into MyAtoms?

Install our "MyAtoms" browser extension, Setup your account, and connect your Amazon account, then it will sync your Kindle highlights and notes every 6 hours. (PS, you can manually sync it too)

How to sync Medium highlights into MyAtoms?

Install our "MyAtoms" browser extension, Setup your account, and connect your Medium account, then it will sync your Medium highlights every 6 hours. (PS, you can manually sync it too)

How to save any text in webpage into MyAtoms?

You can create a note on MyAtoms web app, or by using our "MyAtoms" browser extension. or by using our "Note Anywhere" browser extension.

MyAtoms want to be a handy tool for everyone, we are building with community. We have open APIs. so in the future, no matter what apps you are using to read or write, we want to integrate it into our system, so all your "Atoms" will sync into one place.

Can I add Image/videos into MyAtoms?

Atoms are pure thought, so we do not support images/videos as atom by designed.

If you want to save Images/Videos, there are many web cliper software can do that.

Can I export all my notes from MyAtoms?

Yes, MyAtoms have an "Export" stream, you can export all your atoms at any time

What is MyAtoms statistics?

MyAtoms statistics is a way to help you have a quick overview of your reading/writing life.

When you have an good idea and made a note on MyAtoms, it's a "writing point".>When you read book on Kindle, and found some sentence meaningful, you can highlight it and it's a "reading point", and so on.

MyAtoms will sum all those reading and writing points and show it on a small calendar chart, you get an overview of how your reading/writing activities are across the days.

What is MyAtoms membership plan?

MyAtoms have a very simple membership plan:

Free users can save upto 500 atoms.

Pro users can save unlimit atoms. and we charge at $3 per month (or $30 per year)

Who made MyAtoms?

I'm an indie developer, and I'm also a book lover and a note-taking lover. So I developed MyAtoms to fulfill my own needs. I put a lot of effort into refining this software, and now I hope that others who share these passions can also benefit from it. I promise to continue maintaining and improving MyAtoms for all users.

What's your business plan?

There is no plan to raise money from VC, I want to make decisions based on what is best for my customers and this platform itself, rather than being influenced by outside investors. There is no plan to build a big team and try to get a big market share of note-taking apps. This is just a small piece of software, and currently it's up to me to pay the cost, and I'm ready to run MyAtoms for 10 years. In the future, I hope that MyAtoms will become a sustainable small business of its own.